• Write every day for the month of November starting at 9 AM PT on Nov. 1 ending at midnight PT on Nov. 30
  • Each writer creates their own personal writing goal for a certain number of words per day 
  • Any type of prose writing is allowed (novel, short story, essay etc.) Prose poetry is also allowed. 
  • Post daily an excerpt of your writing on the blog  
  • Include your goal progress in every post (i.e. 400/500 if you wrote 400 of a 500 word goal). 
  • You are expected to read and comment on the work of others (honor system) 
  • Group correspondence throughout the month will take place via a group email
  • You need to send an email to the group before Nov. 1st with an introduction of yourself and state your word goal
  • You can make up words from previous days but cannot write in advance 
  • The blog will be made private this year and posts will only be viewable by other participants 
  • If you're interested in joining us this year email jenniferverafaylor@gmail.com

Tips & Advice

  • Schedule your writing. Pencil in your writing time into your calendar as though you were scheduling a date or a doctor's appointment. Our writing goals should be just as important to us as meeting a colleague for a cocktail. If someone asks you to hang out, and you've already scheduled yourself to write, (and you know that if you move your writing time to later in the evening you may end up too tired to write) then there's nothing wrong with telling that person: "I can't, I have to write." Be a little selfish this month. 
  • Plan preventative measures. The first week tends to be the easiest, because we have so much motivation at the start. I've also found the last week to be (while intense) psychologically easier to manage because the end is in sight. But the second and third weeks, in my experience, are the most difficult. So I suggest scheduling an activity or two during these weeks to reignite your motivation: plan a writing date with a fellow writer or attend a reading/literary lecture.
  • Comment on the work of others. Not only does this hugely encourage the other writer, it will have a ripple effect on the group as a whole, which will in turn benefit you. You don't have to go crazy commenting, just one comment a day is actually amazing. Here are a couple methods to help you comment more: 1) if someone comments on your writing, make a mental note to, at some point during the month, return a comment to them the next time they write something you enjoy, 2) every time you post your excerpt on the blog, write one quick comment on someone else's excerpt, 3) during your commute to work or while you're stuck online at the bank, go on the blog through your phone and write a comment. 

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